‘Growing Learning’ project benefits 2321 soya bean village farmers

06Jul 2020
Friday Simbaya
The Guardian
‘Growing Learning’ project benefits 2321 soya bean village farmers

‘Growing is Learning’ project which is implemented in Iringa Rural District by CARE Tanzania has benefitted a total of 2321 soya bean farmers in 15 villages.

Apart from soya beans cultivation, farmers have also been provided with education on how to prevent themselves from contracting coronavirus as well as issues related to Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The project—‘Kukua ni Kujifunza' brought together villagers from Mgama, Ibumila, Ihemi, Wenda, Lyamgungwe, Tagamenda, Mlanda, Malagosi, Kikombwe, Sadani, Ikuvilo, Maguliliwa, Wangama, Igunda, and Kaning'ombe villages.

Iringa rural district community development officer (Mobilization and Gender) Eva Lugala said that Care Tanzania has started working to respond to a number of emergencies such as the Cpvid-19 pandemic and floods.

She said following the various effects caused by the pandemic, Care International embarked on efforts to support farmers and distribution of Covid-19 protective gears including face masks, hand washing facilities and sanitizers.

Lugala said that each of the farmers received 30,000/- and Covid-9 protective gears. She said the project aims to assist women in rural areas by ensuring food security to households that solely depend on agriculture.

“The organization envisages vibrant, equitable and resilient rural communities where women are empowered to realize their social, political and economic rights. A community where natural resources are sustainably managed in the context of climate change,” she said.

The project has been designed with Soya beans as the main value chain crop. However, the organization plans to diversify its interventions to include maize and poultry keeping as complementary crops to impact on both food and nutritional needs.

Care Tanzania promotes innovative approaches, research and evidence based advocacy, and capacity building to local civil societies towards poverty reduction.

Care Tanzania launched a transformative Kukua ni Kujifunza (Growing is Learning) project in the Iringa Rural District with the objective of increasing food and nutrition security, income and climate change resilience among vulnerable small-scale women farmers.

The project is also working with partners like Women and Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania (WOPATA) and Sundy Merchants Company Limited with funding from the government of Australia through Care Australia.

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