‘Mbeya authorities will not remove petty traders from road reserves’

29Jun 2021
The Guardian
‘Mbeya authorities will not remove petty traders from road reserves’

​​​​​​​AUTHORITIES in Mbeya Region have said that no petty trader who will be removed in unauthorised areas including road reserves until all   infrastructures at the market  places located at the former Mbeya airstrip will be improved.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner, Juma Homera.

The remarks were made by Mbeya Regional Commissioner, Juma Homera in a special interview with this paper at the weekend, and added that as for now the government will leave them to conduct their business freely in the mentioned areas.

He said the government is currently improving the infrastructures at the old airport market that will have over 6,000 stalls, including roads and a modern bus stand.

Homera said after this is completed they will shift the petty traders through a special procedure where he advised them to prepare themselves to move when the time arrives.

“Our priority is to make sure that the petty traders are not harassed, we must first improve the infrastructure at the Old Airport Market,” said RC Homera.

He also called on government officials not to harass the traders; instead they should educate them on how to conduct their business in a safe manner.

Some of the petty traders thanked the government for the decision of not moving them from their areas.

Juma Swaya, one of the petty traders said the Old Airport Market is often flooded during rainy seasons hence customers do not like to go there, it is only reachable during dry seasons.

He said after the government shifted the Chunya-bound bus stand from the main bus stand to the old airport area, the market began to get customers.

“It is quite true that there is no safety to conduct business along road reserve areas as one can get het by passing vehicles including motorcycled (bodaboda0 and tricycles (bajaj),” said Swaya.

For his part Boniface Chigonya, another petty trader said they are forced to invade road reserve areas due to great number of customers.

He thanked the RC for his decision to fight for them not to be removed from their present areas.