‘Mistresses on the route to blame for truck accidents’

07Jan 2021
The Guardian
‘Mistresses on the route to blame for truck accidents’

MOST long-distance drivers ferrying goods to neighbouring countries maintain multiple lovers stationed at several truck stops, a factor police now say fuels road crashes due to impaired driving.

Unveiling a report on a one-month road patrol exercise across the country here yesterday, Traffic Police Commander Wilbrod Mutafungwa said his officers established that instead of resting in guest houses at the service centres before continuing to their destinations, many of those behind the wheels of trailers and lorries go to their lovers’ premises from one station to another.

Eagle-eyed officers who were interested in the private itinerary of truckers at work, among other factors, were baffled at how the drivers jump from one woman’s house to another and expect to drive safely for hundreds of kilometers, the commander asserted.

“They over-indulge in sex with different women while on duty and this leads to a rise in road crashes due to exhaustion,” he declared.

Apart from having private resting places with female hosts, another aspect of behaviour exhibited by the truckers is excessive drinking at the various stopping centres, he further noted.

As if reading from the same script, Mutafungwa said the drivers would park the vehicles, proceed to an eatery which serves alcohol—then drink excessively before proceeding to a woman’s house...read more on https://epaper.ippmedia.com

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