‘More Z’bar students pass in 2021 Form IV exams compared to 2020’

20Jan 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
‘More Z’bar students pass in 2021 Form IV exams compared to 2020’

ZANZIBAR Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has submitted its assessment report on the 2021 Form IV examination results whereby the pass level in regard to Zanzibar schools had increased compared to the  previous year.

Asya Iddi Issa.

The report was given yesterday by the ministry’s director for secondary education, Asya Iddi Issa, saying a total of 24,051 candidates were registered whereby 23,557 or 97.95 per cent sat for the exam.

She said on the part of Zanzibar, 15,569 candidates (66.098 per cent) passed, an increase of 8.59 per cent over the previous year.

She said still more deliberate efforts are needed to make sure passes in Division 1 increase.

She said the 2021 Form IV Examination Results for Zanzibar were satisfactory due to the decrease of zeros and increase of passes at Division 1.

The Director said 445 students scored Division 1 (1.89 per cent of those who sat) 1,302 Division 2 (5.53 per cent and 2,621 in Division 3 or 11.13 per cent.

She added that 11,201 scored Division 4 or 47.55 per cent of those who sat and 8,111 scored zero or 34.43 per cent.