‘Mtwara Ports upgrades to save transport costs for Malawi imports’

23Sep 2021
The Guardian
‘Mtwara Ports upgrades to save transport costs for Malawi imports’

​​​​​​​MALAWIAN Deputy High Commissioner to Tanzania, Deborah Mitawa has said her country will seize opportunities from improvements of infrastructures at the Port of Mtwara to enhance trade through water transport to reduce costs borne by Malawi traders.

She said if Malawian traders will greatly benefit by using the Port of Mtwara, thereby saving the high cost if they use any other port for their imports.

Mitawa made the remarks here on Tuesday during her visit to identify existing opportunities for Malawian traders offered by the port.

“We have identified many opportunities that can be seized by Malawian traders including the unloading of their vehicles, I must assure you that the government will seize fully the opportunities and will work together with you to alleviate costs to Malawian importers,” said the envoy.

Karim Mataka, Deputy Managing Director of Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) said the distance between Mtwara and Malawi via Lake Nyasa will benefit many Malawian traders.

For landlocked countries of Southern Africa; improvements made to the Port of Mtwara is a saviour for them as they will reduce transport costs for their imports.

He said Malawi imports offloaded at the port of Mtwara could be moved to the shores of Lake Nyasa thereby saving great distance if they were offloaded at any other ports.

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