‘Revoke licences for operators tarnish the country’s image’

18Jan 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
‘Revoke licences for operators tarnish the country’s image’

Natural Resources and Tourism minister Dr. Damas Ndumbaro has instructed the Tanzania Tourism Business License (TTBL) board to ensure that it revokes licences for tourism operators, and guides who tarnish the country's image by committing inappropriate behaviour against tourists.

Natural Resources and Tourism minister Dr. Damas Ndumbaro.

In addition, he instructed the board to ensure that tourism trade agents buy products available in the country instead of buying them abroad and then selling them at higher prices.

He issued the directive over the weekend during the inauguration of the board, which has a total of 12 members, including the chairman of the board and is made up of experts from the private sector and others from government institutions.

He said there are some tour operators that have been licensed to run tourism businesses, but have been using the opportunity to deceive tourists which has been hurting the tourism industry.

He added that there are tour guides who have been at the forefront of stealing tourist property and such acts have been polluting the country on the face of the globe.

"You (board) have the authority to issue and revoke licenses, make sure you revoke the licences of tour guides and operators that violate ethics in the tourism industry," said Dr Ndumbaro.

"In my leadership I don’t expect to see tourists robbed of their properties and not cheated while there are peronnel   responsible to address such challenges.”

He said: “Everyone involved in the tourism business must be licenced and paid for the license which will help to reduce complaints from tourists who have been complaining about fraud, theft and others being left at airports without being received by the company.”

Dr. Ndumbaro said every year the government has been spending a lot of money to advertise tourist attractions in and out of the country and “then few people for their own personal interests have been cheating and robbing tourists, he said such behaviour  had been an obstacle to the growth of the tourism industry so they must be stopped.”

On tourist hotels, he said there has been a trend of some hotels importing foods including meat and various ingredients including tomatoes from abroad when the products are produced in the country that this has led to the food being sold to tourists at high prices thus depriving the country of revenues from tourism by buying locally produced goods.

“The board has the authority to make sure it controls the licenced tourism traders and then they do not buy locally available products instead they buy the goods from abroad,” the minister said.

In another development, Dr Ndumbaro has asked TTBL to ensure it regulates some of the tour operators, but have a very close relationship with foreign sister companies that when tourists come to the country they pay all costs to the sister companies abroad and so here in the country the only money to enter the gate in the parks.

He said the act was money laundering that was undermining the country’s  economy, calling on the board to ensure it properly manages companies to prevent loss of revenues. Read More...https://epaper.ippmedia.com

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