‘Street trees can save our cities’

01Jan 2022
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
‘Street trees can save our cities’

TANZANIA Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) and Dodoma City Council (DCC) officials have been given three weeks to take steps to beautify the government city at Mtumba area in Dodoma by planting trees. Getting people involved in the planting process makes communities even happier.

The Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment, Dr Selemani Jafo.

Dr Selemani Jafo, the Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment), issued the directive yesterday during a working visit to the area to inspect the environmental situation, commending TARURA for progress in road building in the area.

He said the government has invested about 89bn/- for the road infrastructure in the zone; therefore, there is every need to secure its environmental appropriateness by ensuring it is cooled by tree lined avenues.

He remarked that the roads are built to the required standard with drainage preventing soil erosion and blocking of canals when it rains, recommending that fruit trees be planted to create a beautiful landscape around the government city.

Seeing no reason to delay the start of the exercise he ordered TARURA and DCC to embark on its implementation right away.

Dr Veronica Mirambo, the head of the environment and community unit at TARURA, said the agency plans to plant trees on road pavements in the area. What remains in environmental restoration is filling up excavated portions during construction and planting trees for a natural state environment, she said.

Ali Mfinanga, the city environmental officer said the department was working with the Tanzania Forestry Agency (TFS) to bring the city into its strategies for the central zone.

Various stakeholders including financial institutions are expected to participate in the tree planting exercise by taking up particular roads, he said.

“With the infrastructure that has been built and continues to be built here such as paved roads, street lighting, modern buildings and other infrastructure will make this city a unique attraction,” he stated.

The government city building is now in its second phase, involving the construction of large blocks of flats for each ministry, he added.

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