‘Take legal action against customers for non payment of company debt’

23Nov 2017
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
‘Take legal action against customers for non payment of company debt’

THE government has directed the Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited TTCL to take a legal action against customers who are reluctant to pay debts amounting to more than 10bn/- some of which were outstanding for decades.

TTCL chief executive officer Waziri Kindaba

Deputy Minister for Transport and Communication Atashasta Nditiye issued the directive yesterday in Dar es Salaam when he visited the TTCL offices to witness the establishment of video conference technology.

He said that the government as well as the company needs the money to finance and to facilitate the operations especially in the middle of stiff competition.

  1. from the company’s chief executive officer said that the TTCL is owed by its customers a total of 10.7bn-, whereby 6.8bn- has been paid so far.

“The public institutions are said to have owed a lot of money the company for long time, but some of the institutions have been reluctant to pay out their debts,” he said.

He also urged the company to speed up provision of the service to the public in order to be competitive in the market.

“The government is eager to support the company but we will not tolerate lazy staff who do not support company’s operations,” the minister insisted.

For his part, TTCL chief executive officer Waziri Kindaba said that some of the public institutions had started to settle their debts accordingly as part of the government initiatives to clear out internal debts.

He added that the company has planned that by end of December, this year all old debts should be cleared effectively, asking the responsible institutions to pay debts.

“But we will not hesitate to cut off the service to customers who will delay to pay debts in the scheduled time,” he said.

“Our customers are supposed to understand that we are doing business and that we need funds to run our operations effectively,” Kindaba said.

Kindaba explained that establishment of video conference technology will help the government to cut costs of transport to other regions for meeting and other related activities.

“We believe that despite the challenge present in the market, the company is striving to restore lost glory of quality for better provision of services,” said the CEO.

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