‘Tanzanian farmers to produce and export agricultural crops to Egypt’

14Apr 2022
Gerald Kitabu
The Guardian
‘Tanzanian farmers to produce and export agricultural crops to Egypt’

​​​​​​​MOROGORO  based Sokoine University graduate entrepreneurs cooperative (SUGECO) and Smart Group Import and Export Company Ltd of Egypt have signed a five-year contract to enable Tanzanian farmers produce and export agricultural crops to Egypt.

SUGECO executive director Revocatus Kimario.

SUGECO executive director Revocatus Kimario said Tanzanian farmers will be able to sell 1.5 million tonnes of yellow maize annually.

“The good news is that the contract allows our farmers to benefit from reliable market and improved maize varieties. So they can start producing agricultural crops such as yellow and white maize, soya and wheat in large scale and export to Egypt,” he said.

The contract was signed at the Tanzania embassy in Egypt recently and witnessed by Tanzania ambassador to Egypt Dr. Emmanuel Nchimbi, TARI’s director of technology transfer and partnership (TTP)  Dr. Juliana Mwakasendo and director of business development from Agriculture Seed Agency (ASA) Jackline Shayo.

SUGECO will work together with TARI, ASA and  TOSCI to produce the improved seeds in the country for the farmers.

According to Kimario, the value of the contract per year is more than 820bn/-

SUGECO’S endeavors to prepare, enable, and support knowledge-intensive, innovative entrepreneurs as they build successful businesses along agricultural and agribusiness value chains in the country.