‘Tanzanians must develop good investor relations’    

06Apr 2020
The Guardian
‘Tanzanians must develop good investor relations’    

The investment sector had made a significant contribution in the country’s socio-economic development due to many investors paying taxes and increased employment opportunities which in turn had driven the country’s economic development as well as wananchi’s  livehoods.

This was expressed at the weekend by the manager of Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) Venance Mashiba when he spoke to journalists on the situation of investments in the southern highlands regions.

Mashiba said the wananchi are supposed to develop good relations with investors in the areas they live as many of them have been big beneficiaries from the investors via employment opportunities and other social services.

He said the TIC office has been making extra efforts to make sure it mobilizes investors within and outside the country to come and invest in the southern highlands regions since there are many investment opportunities in the areas, including agriculture.

"Apart from agriculture, the regions have many other opportunities including mining and food processing hence it was time for local and foreign investors to grab the opportunities,” he said.

He said it was now time for local investors to go to TIC centres for more information about the available investment opportunities an d added that local investors need to have USD 100,000 as capital while for foreign ones the initial capital is USD 500,000.

"TIC’s aim is to see investors both investors and the government benefit  from the country’s investments, as well as the wananchi in the areas where they had invested,” he added,

He said the TIC zonal office has been making efforts   mobilise Zambia and Malawi based investors come to invest in the southern highlands regions as well as other areas of the country and that last year there was a huge investment forum in Mbeya that brought together investors from Malawi and Tanzania. 

Mashiba said the TIC office has very good relations with other government institutions whose aim is to see investors do net experience obstacles while pursuing investment opportunities.

He also congratulated regional and district commissioners in regions served by TIC office from their efforts in mobilising prospective investors in their areas including those from neighbouring countries.