‘Tanzania,Zara Tours are open for tourism’

26Jul 2021
The Guardian
‘Tanzania,Zara Tours are open for tourism’

AS the world continues to emerge from the impact of the global pandemic, travel and tourism are slowly opening.

When we lead trekkers up Mount Kilimanjaro, we tell them “pole, pole,” meaning “slowly, slowly,” and this is another time that we see things open slowly to ensure safety.

As travel restrictions continue to lift, safety measures are firmly in place, and travelers are reuniting with their loved ones, and to the unique places their souls wish to connect.

Travel pulls many of us towards exploring new areas and new parts of ourselves, and many of us have been missing it this last year. Those choosing to travel at this time are seeing the benefit of smaller crowds, more personalized experiences, and in some cases, deep discounts to encourage occupancy.

In Tanzania, both Qatar and KLM are safe for travel, and there are no quarantine restrictions. Guests should always check the most up-to-date travel information and follow all local guidelines, which may be different than what the restrictions are in their own locale - check ahead. We have set up two COVID-19 testing centers in the Serengeti National Park, enabling simplified testing and ensuring the safety of our guests.

The beauty of Tanzania is unrivaled, and smaller crowds, including limited tour sizes and lower occupancy rates, mean the area is more accessible than ever before. The wildlife follows its own natural rhythms and holds the same allure as always - adventure, discovery, and wonder. Those who want to get back to global travel are doing so with caution and finding solace in the safety practices the tourism industry has put in place to encourage travel. We’ve all been looking forward to this re-opening and invite you to do so as well.

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