‘Waste sites pose health hazards’

15Jan 2020
Gerald Kitabu
The Guardian
‘Waste sites pose health hazards’

NGOISANI hamlet residents at Parakuyo village, Kilosa district in Morogoro region have complained that the waste water sites at Ngoisani is polluting air, sources of water and the environment at large as a result had posed health hazards.

They said mismanagement of the open sites which contains faeces from mobile toilets produce foul smell that have turned annoyance to both residents and other people who cross over the site for their daily activities.

Speaking to the Guardian over the weekend, the Ngoisani hamlet chairman Kokani Steti said that the waste water disposal sites which are used by SGR workers have flooded, causing dangerous and risk for their health and cattle.

“Communities around this area are not safe anymore. Some cattle such as cows are suffering from scald, some pastoralists have their skin peel off and at times because the cow drink contaminated waste water, the milk produced from the cows have also been affected,” they said.

 He said that the residents were not involved during planning and using the site adding that if they could seek their advice, they would have advised them to re-allocate the waste water disposal site to another area far from the peoples residence.

Parakuyo hamlet chairman said when the heavy rainfall come, normally the waste water disposal site floods Mkata river which flows into Wami river saying it is very dangerous for the lives of the downstream users.

Sought for comments Morogoro Regional Environmental Advisor Venance Soza said that it was the new information, promising to find solution to the problem as soon as possible.

He said that the region has been trying its best to make sure that the SGR works are conducted smoothly while observing the environment as per the environmental management plan.

“This is a new information that you are telling me. We need to find solution. We have received other complaints from the residents living along the SGR such as noise and dust caused by crushing stones.  

Contacted for comments, Morogoro regional Commissioner Loata Sanare directed the regional medical officer and the regional environmental department to make sure that they go to the waste water disposal site and solve the problem.

“I am meeting them soon (SGR staff), I will talk to them but also I will visit the site this next week (this week) and see how we can address this matter,” he said.

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