‘Women's empowerment and gender equality is ADC agenda’

15Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
‘Women's empowerment and gender equality is ADC agenda’

ALLIANCE for Democratic Change (ADC) presidential candidate Queen Cuthbert Sendiga has said gender equality and women’s empowerment has been ADC’s agenda which enabled her to contest for the top most  position.

Speaking to this paper in Zanzibar, Sendiga said women have great ability to become leaders and it was not good to reserve the top most post to men alone.

The candidate called on women to support her and vote for her in disregard to party affiliations so at to let women lead the country, saying she has the capability to do so.

She called upon various institutions defending gender equality to support her since her aim was to ensure women voices reach all groups in regard to the challenges faced by women folk.

“I am saddened to note that not even a single women institution has come up to give me support since I collected nomination forms and later endorsed by the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

She said in case she is elected to be president, she will ensure the existence of equality in democratic space and adherence to human rights.

She said President John Magufuli achievements are in road infrastructures that as enabled people to conduct business activities for economic development.

She also said when her party comes to power it will concentrate more in strengthening the agricultural sector because infrastructures for transporting farmers’ crops to markets already exist.

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