….MPs urge waivers on local taxes, levies, fees

03Apr 2020
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
….MPs urge waivers on local taxes, levies, fees

​​​​​​​MEMBERS of Parliament yesterday called upon the government to consider exempting taxes, levies and fees in key services such as water and power to provide relief to people as most of them are not producing enough income due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Debating the Prime Minister’s Office budget estimates, MPs sought that the government take measures to protect and rescue the country’s economy.

They urged the government to consider taking up curfew measures as other neighboring countries have done before things get worse.

Joseph Mbilinyi (Mbeya Urban, Chadema) said the government should show seriousness in controlling the viral disease that has already killed one person and infected 20 others in the country.

“This is not time to take things easy. The government should sanitize cities using police vehicles as well as ban operation of bars and night clubs,” he said, questioning why the government is yet to take such measures.

The MP also urged the government to bring out the country’s forex reserves to complement efforts in the fight against Covid-19.

Mary Chatanda (Special Seats, CCM) urged the government to strengthen surveillance in markets, shops, public transport and bus stations to ensure that people observe precautionary measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Kiembesamaki MP (CCM) Ibrahim Razza recommend that Tanzania should now undergo curfew measures especially during evening hours.

“It is true that the country has taken a wide range of strong actions to slow the spread of the disease, through travel restrictions and bans, tracing contacts, hand-washing and social distancing recommendations. All these however are not enough without restricting unnecessary walking in the streets,” he said.

Cecilia Pareso (Special Seats, Chadema) noted that despite various strides by the government to fight the spread of the viral disease, more still has to be done.

“We still witness congestion in bus terminals and stations, markets, prisons. The diseases has gone further to affecting operations in various sectors, especially tourism, hospitality and importation of commodities,

For his part, Hamidu Bobali (Mchinga, CUF) wanted the government to strengthen surveillances in quarantines by deploying police officers to secure those areas so as to fight the spread of the disease.

“We have heard that those who are being sent in mandatory quarantines are not well supervised as some of them have been leaving the hotels or lodges before 14 days. This should be taken very seriously,” the legislator intoned.

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