10 secondary schools in Simiyu connected with interment service

12Oct 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
10 secondary schools in Simiyu connected with interment service

TEN secondary schools in Simiyu region have been connected with interment service by installing 100 computers provided by the Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF) and Vodacom Tanzania.

The fund provided the equipment to assist students and teachers to have access to internet hence facilitate their learning.

Speaking during the launch of the system, Minister for Transport and Communication Atanshanta Nditiye said: “We are improving Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in our schools, the project is a continuation of UCSAF's work that focuses on expanding the internet service in public schools.

He said with the computers, teachers at the specific schools can now teach electronically.

The Minister added that the project is also part of implementation of the national ICT policy of 2016 that requires students to use the internet to read, gain knowledge and develop themselves.

“Today we are launching this interment connection to ten Simiyu secondary schools that were provided with computers with UCSAF and Vodacom Tanzania. We will hand over two computers to each school as well as providing them with special internet connection device”, said Nditiye.

The minister asked teachers to use the provided equipment for targeted purposes and assist students to improve the field of ICT. He said with the computers, students are likely to be experts in future.

He has also called on other mobile companies to provide ICTs equipment to schools as a way of supporting the government's efforts to ensure that students have access to the internet when studying.

Simiyu Regional Commissioner, Anthony Mtaka assured the minister that donated computers will be used accordingly. He said with teachers’ access to the internet, the academic performance of students will improve in future.

Maswa MP, Stanslaus Nyongo thanked UCSAF for providing 100 computers to Simiyu region facilitating students to read through the internet where it can supplement them academically.

“We have seen efforts by President John Magufuli by providing free basic education to enable every child to access their right to education”, said the legislator insisting on teachers to execute their duties respectively.

Speaking before handing over 20 computer processors and internet connectivity equipment to 10 secondary schools in the region, Vodacom Foundation Director, Roselyn Mworia said the company has created a website that will help them learn more about interment services.

Mkodilana secondary school head teacher, Joseph Kazimoto thanked the Regional Commissioner for facilitating the installation of internet services to the schools.

“With internet services, our teachers will improve their teaching as well as student’s academic performance”, he said.

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