1,000 farmers benefit from organic farming training in Rombo District

14Aug 2020
James Lanka
The Guardian
1,000 farmers benefit from organic farming training in Rombo District

​​​​​​​SMALLHOLDER farmers from 16 wards in Rombo District, Kilimanjaro Region have benefited from organic farming training—a project meant to improve their livelihoods.

Virginia Silayo AJISO executive director.

Implemented by the Action for Justice in Society (AJISO) with funding from the Germany based charitable organisation—Bread for the World, the project has so far benefited more than 1,000 smallholder farmers in the District.

The project is implemented through farmer’s village community banking (VICOBA) and paralegals.

Virginia Silayo AJISO executive director said that through the training farmers have been able to produce different varieties of food and commercial crops using organic farming technologies.

She added that apart from producing food, farmers also produce commercial crops with purposes of alleviating hunger as well as poverty.

“The project is not only helping communities to get rid of poverty but empowering them with organic farming technologies to boost their harvests,” she said.

“Some beneficiaries attended the just ended Nanenane agricultural exhibition in Arusha Region where they showcased some organically cultivated crops varieties. They also shared experience with fellow farmers from across the regions in the northern zone,” Silayo stated.

Silayo urged farmers to be an inspiration to others who are not in the project so that they can also apply similar agricultural methods to increase productivity.

She was of the opinion that increased productivity is in alignment with the government strategies to transform the country into a middle-income nation by 2025 through industrialisation.

She said most of the currently established factories depend on produced agricultural goods as raw materials, hence the need to enhance production.

A farmer, Joseph Shirima said that apart from producing high quality crops, the project has helped them to easily access markets for produced crops.


“We participated in the annual farmer’s exhibition (Nanenane) in Arusha city, where we showcased and sold our food and commercial crops like coffee,” said Shirima, noting that it was a great opportunity for farmers since they also learned about proper packaging of their products.

He commended AJISO and ‘Bread for the World’ for bringing them such a project that has surely improved their livelihoods and capacitated them with knowledge and skills for better farming and livestock keeping.

Shirima appealed to authorities in Rombo District to provide them with land plots where they can establish farms for commercial cultivation of food and cash crops using the acquired skills.