1,000 students forced to use three pit-latrines

21Feb 2020
The Guardian Reporter
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1,000 students forced to use three pit-latrines

MORE than 1,000 students from Ipagala Primary School in Dodoma City are forced to use the three teachers’ pit-latrines causing them to slump into the ground.

The situation has spurred the City Council to relocate 20m/- from the school’s classrooms construction project to build pit-latrines for students.

Speaking to reporters here yesterday the Council’s Economist Shaban Juma said they have been forced to do so to rescue students from their ordeal but added that the latrines are still not adequate to cater for the big number of students.

He said they are building emergency latrines to alleviate the situation as the students used to push one another when answering to nature’s calls.

"I plead with parents not to worry as within two weeks the pit-latrines for students will be ready as the Council has taken up the responsibility to solve the challenge,” he said.

Earlier, one parent, Juma Othman said due to the problem ever parent was called to contribute 15,000/-.

"Is this really free education? Why do they want to contribute towards latrine building while our job is to provide the ‘workforce’ and not money as the school’s leadership claim in one of their sittings?” he asked.

When this paper went to the Primary Schools education Officer Joseph Mabeo he said he had nothing to comment and went out of his office.

"I don’t want to be photographed without my express permission, I’m going to examine the situation for myself,” he said.

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