128 drug suspects nabbed in Dodoma crackdown

16Feb 2017
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
128 drug suspects nabbed in Dodoma crackdown

AT least 128 people, 28 of them being women, have been arrested in Dodoma municipality in connection with illicit drugs, Dodoma district commissioner (DC) Christina Mndeme disclosed here yesterday.

Christina Mndeme

Speaking at a meeting with local government officials including ward and ten-cell leaders, Mndeme said the crackdown on the narcotic drugs trade in the country is real and of a national nature.

Every local government leader in his or her area of jurisdiction should ensure that all people selling, using or transporting drugs are arrested, the DC asserted, describing this as “now a directive.”

She expressed concern that with Dodoma slated to be the nation’s capital and government seat, the availability of drug dealers along its streets remains a big embarrassment.

According to DC Mndeme, those arrested and currently languishing in police custody were found in possession of khat (mirungi), bhang and cocaine.

She named hot spots for illicit drugs within the municipality as Makutupora, Veyula, Msalato, Chadulu, Miyuji, Zuzu, Mbabala, and Chinangali West wards.

Other areas are Madukani, Mlezi, Hazina, and Airport. But she added that other spots are likely to spring up due to the expected large influx of people looking to set up residence in Dodoma as the designated new capital takes shape.

Mndeme called on local government leaders to report any cases of illicit drug trading and use, whether in public or private, in their areas of jurisdiction.

“My request to you is to intensify the war on illicit drugs since this war is not for the police alone. Please use all the weapons at your disposal to end the problem in your areas,” she added.

Speaking on behalf of other local government leaders in the municipality, Matwiga Kyalya said they are ready to continue the fight since President Magufuli has personally declared narcotics as a national concern.

Kyalya said despite the challenges they face as far as their leadership positions are concerned, local government leaders will work day and night to fight the illicit drugs scourge in Dodoma.

The municipality police also expressed readiness to receive and work on reports of narcotics drugs coming their way.

District police spokesman Daniel Shilah urged the general public to come forward and promptly report such cases as they occur.

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