148n/-work on Morogoro Road still on, declares Tanzania Road Agency

03Aug 2018
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
148n/-work on Morogoro Road still on, declares Tanzania Road Agency

WORK on the 148 billion/- expansion of Morogoro Road from Dar es Salaam’s Kimara suburb to Kibaha district in Coast region has commenced even as the fate of the World Bank-funded project remains unclear.

The project is meant to expand the highway from two to six lanes along a 19-kilometre stretch between Kiluvya (Kibaha) and the Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit Terminal at Kimara.

Recently, the Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS) carried out a major demolition exercise which saw over 1,000 buildings, including residential and commercial houses, churches and mosques, within the Morogoro Road reserve boundaries being pulled down to make way for the expansion project.

The TANROADS manager for Dar es Salaam region, Julius Ndyamukama, confirmed yesterday that the project being carried out by Estim Construction Ltd company is back underway following completion of the buildings demolition exercise.

Ndyamukama also assured The Guardian in an interview that the 30-month schedule for the project is still on target.

“As supervisors of the project, TANROADS will work closely with the contractors to ensure that the road expansion is completed on time and in keeping with proper quality standards,” he said.

He noted that Morogoro Road, being a major gateway in and out of the city of Dar es Salaam, has for years presented  a headache for both transporters and commuters, with the frequent traffic congestions being the cause of unnecessary delays and accidents.

The expansion to six double-carriageway lanes will definitely cut down on both individual and business-related costs in terms of time wasted on the road, he remarked.

“For example, 40 percent of the motor vehicles that ply along Morogoro Road are cargo trucks which convey goods from the port of Dar es Salaam to landlocked countries. So with this project, that type of transportation will become easier,” Ndyamukama said.

The TANROADS official added that the project also involves the construction of heavy-duty bridges at Kibamba, Kiluvya, and Mpiji.

Estim Construction Ltd safety officer Muhamad Nassor said the company is still committed to abiding by all the conditions of its contract with the government, including finishing the project on time.

According to Nassor, transport infrastructure investments are important for streamlining generalised transport costs to trigger increased productivity for the benefit of the national economy at large.