200 paralegals meet in Dodoma to chart better ways to boost legal aid

23Oct 2021
The Guardian
200 paralegals meet in Dodoma to chart better ways to boost legal aid

​​​​​​​OVER 200 paralegals and other stakeholders met in Dodoma to chart better ways on improving legal aid services to the needy people in the next five years.

LSF's chief executive officer Lulu Ng'wanakilala.

The two-day meeting brought on board heads of CSOs that dispense legal aid services and paralegals from across Tanzania.

Organised by Legal Services Facility (LSF), the meeting also involves organisations which are the beneficiaries of the Urban Legal Empowerment Grantees project.

The well-attended meeting aimed at providing a platform for the exchange of information on program outcomes and extensively discuss the importance and strategic achievement of LSF for the coming years beyond 2021 for all LSF beneficiaries and stakeholders. This comes towards the implementation of the new strategic plan for the next five years LSF which is expected to start in 2022 to 2026.

It is also geared towards promoting operational efficiency, service delivery, citizen participation in legal aid service systems.

It intends to recognize the efforts and efforts of Legal Assistants in the country directly empowered by the LSF as well as discuss future goals towards the implementation of the new strategic plan for 2022-2026.

Opening the meeting, legal aid service department director in the Zanzibar President’s Office, Justice, Constitutional Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance, Hanifa Ramadhan Said described the event as important as it brought together legal aid stakeholders who had been instrumental in promoting justice in the country.

“There have been various problems in society that are caused by the suppression of various rights including women and children. Through the LSF program and its stakeholders you have been able to do a great job of helping the community through legal empowerment,” said Hanifa.

Government attorney from the ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Justice, Agness Mkawe said: “I believed that evaluation on the implementation of the justice system in Tanzania would go hand in hand with all stakeholders in the legal aid industry to guide each other in complying with legal requirements on the operation of organisations providing legal aid services in Tanzania.”

“Through this meeting I would like to remind you to continue to obey the law. I know those present at this meeting are the directors who are the chief executives of your institutions. May I ask you to obey all the rules as required. Observing the established rules simplifies your operations as it helps your institutions to be recognized by various government authorities,” she said.

LSF's chief executive officer Lulu Ng'wanakilala said: “I’m happy to meet all stakeholders who I’ve been working with across the country, where for the past ten years we’ve been able to achieve various achievements including the creation of a legal aid law in 2017.”

“I am delighted to meet our key stakeholders who have been working hard to implement our national justice program. I am proud to see that LSF has now completed 10 years since its inception and through its beneficiary organizations we have achieved various achievements in the legal aid industry. I believe that after this session our work will continue at a faster pace to have a legally empowered community through better legal aid services,” she said.

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