22m Tanzanians will have received national identity cards by Dec 2018

22Aug 2018
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22m Tanzanians will have received national identity cards by Dec 2018

TWENTY two million Tanzanians will be registered and provided with national identity cards by December this year, officials have confirmed.

Acting Director General of the National Identification Authority (NIDA), Alphonce Malibiche said the registration process was progressing well as plans were underway to install new printing machines for production of the IDs.

Malibiche who is the authority’s Production Director made the revelation when briefing the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Major General Jacob Kingu who visited NIDA Data Centre at Kibaha in Coast Region.

He said that so far 19.2 people from different regions across the country had been provided with the national identity cards.

Malibiche explained that NIDA was facing challenges in producing the IDs over low capacity of printing machines. He said the available machines cannot print many cards at once.

“We have started processes to import new modern machines so as to fast-track production of the IDs. The processes will be completed soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PS urged the management of NIDA to register as many Tanzanians as possible since there were still many people in need of the identity cards.

He said that processes to install the new modern machines should be prioritised to ensure that citizens who have already completed the initial procedures are provided with the IDs.

Major Gen Kingu urged NIDA management to ensure they boost workers’ morale for them to be productive.

NIDA had targeted to issue over 10,000 national identity cards in July this year during the 42nd Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair at Sabasaba grounds.

NIDA spokesperson, Rose Mdame said the target exceeded that of last year by 2,000 cards.

Mdame added that apart from issuance of identity cards, NIDA also educates people on the uses of the identity cards. She said that currently, the application forms were available at the local government offices across the country.

The needed documents according to Mdame are birth certificate, passport, driving licence, academic certificates, voter registration card, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

On countrywide registration exercise, she said the authority has so far completed the exercise in 10 regions.

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