300 students in Shinyanga Region discontinue lessons over pregnancies

20May 2022
The Guardian
300 students in Shinyanga Region discontinue lessons over pregnancies

​​​​​​​OVER 300 primary and secondary school students in Shinyanga Region are claimed to have been impregnated and discontinued with their lessons, while 29 of them were married.

The statistics are from 2020 to April 2022 submitted by coordinators of the National Committee for Eradication of Gender based Violence and Child Abuse (MTAKUWWA) from five districts of Shinyanga Region.

The statistics on child pregnancies show that Kishapu District had 64 cases of child pregnancies and two child marriages, Kahama Town 52 child pregnancies and two child marriages, Shinyanga Municipality 54 child pregnancies and five marriages while Ushetu District had 30 child pregnancies and no child marriages.

Shinyanga Regional Administrative Secretary, Auwena Omary, speaking here at the weekend at a meeting tasked to assess the MTAKUWWA progress, said the traditional customs are still obstacles in eradicating these child marriages and pregnancies.

She said even though the region managed to reduce incidences of gender based violence and child abuse, in particular child marriages and pregnancies from the first position to fifth nationally, still more efforts are needed in educating the community against the practices.

She hailed development stakeholders and NGOs in the region for working together with the government in the efforts to eradicate gender based violence and child abuse in Shinyanga Region.

In research done by Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS) in 2010 Shinyanga Region took number one position nationally with incidences of child marriages at 59 per cent and child pregnancies at 34 per cent.

State Attorney from Shinyanga Region’s National Prosecutions Services (NPS) Wapumbulya Shani said in order to eradicate the practices; the community needs to scream against them.

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