400 foreign universities alumni to meet in Dar for experience sharing

14Aug 2020
Joseph Mwendapole
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
400 foreign universities alumni to meet in Dar for experience sharing

OVER 400 alumni from various overseas universities are expected to meet in Dar es Salaam in a unique event aimed to exchange ideas and learn how to make good use of their knowledge and skills to bring changes in the country.

Managing director of Global Education Link (GEL) Abdulmalik Mollel said that the alumni will meet in the special second graduation expected to be held on September 19.

He said that the event will involve a graduation ceremony, businesses and job fair which will be exclusively conducted by the invited local and international investors, employers, recruitment agencies and financial institutions to exhibit potential employment and financial opportunities to graduates.

Mollel said the intention of the graduation ceremony is to make sure those graduates know their positions and contribute immensely in the development of the nation through their skills.

According to him, GEL’s intention is to connect those graduates with different government and private institutions and investors to build networks among them after they have stayed abroad for a very long time.

Mollel said that over 3,000 students who were enrolled through Global Education Link have successfully graduated from various overseas universities in various fields including medicine and allied sciences, engineering basic sciences, business law, arts and humanities,” he said.

He added: “For the first time in Tanzania on 11th August 2019 GEL held the first graduation ceremony for 300 students who successfully completed their studies abroad that involved 2,000 participants, including families, employing institutions, education stakeholders, business entities and various government officials.”

He said that this year’s ceremony will provide opportunities for GEL, families and friends to pay special tribute to graduates for the outstanding efforts they have shown in earning their diplomas or degrees.

“We conduct their graduation ceremonies in the country because most of our students fail to attend their graduation in their respective colleges abroad due to various impending factors,” Mollel added.

He named some of the impediments as challenges on visa extension for graduates, unfavourable expenses for return air tickets especially when families were to be included to accompany the graduates abroad and time consuming for graduates to travel back to their respective universities.

According to Mollel, during the event, graduates will share the excitement and importance of their academic accomplishment with fellow students, families, friends and there will be awards in recognition in academic performance, leadership, innovation and creativity and best business proposal.

Mollel added that graduates will get a chance to qualify for a startup business loan by showcasing their business proposals and innovation to investors and financial institutions.

GEL is an agency that connects Tanzanian students to study in different universities abroad.

He further said that since it started in 2006, GEL has linked thousands of students to various best and qualified universities across the world.