500 vegetable, fruit growers benefit with online system

14Aug 2018
The Guardian Reporter
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500 vegetable, fruit growers benefit with online system

MORE than 500 vegetable and fruit growers have benefited with the online system which enable farmers to access market information including prices and buyers through mobile phones.

Under the system vegetable, fruit and spices farmers get access to market information in 18 different regions as well as outside Tanzania.

Kelvin Remen is the policy and advocacy manager at Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) he revealed this when addressing farmers on the importance of using the mobile phone systems as part of solution to their market problems.

He said that since most vegetable and fresh fruit farmers face difficulties in accessing market, the introduced system will help them to know all the market joints as well as the price of their products.

Remen explained that the system which was established in 2015 has improved services as farmers can directly communicate with buyers. He said that previously farmers were using middlemen to reach markets and buyers.

He said that to enrol with the system farmers are required to send the word TAHA to 15670.

He said a farmer will then receive a message with detailed information on how to contact buyers or communicate directly with transporters. He said the system also enables vegetable and fruit growers to communicate with buyers from outside Tanzania.

“Farmers used to sell their products at lower prices but now they can bargain for better prices at different regions,” he noted.

TAHA marketing manager, Reuben Hizza said the main objective of establishing such a system was to enable farmers and stakeholders to benefit with horticulture business by selling their goods at competitive prices.

TAHA works to ensure growth, promotion, and continued development of the horticulture industry in the country. Some of the horticulture products include flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and horticultural seeds. It is a catalyst that promotes and provides a platform for industry networking, and partnership at both local and international level.

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