500m/- to keep Dar clean • One year expenditure

08Feb 2016
Grace Kambaulaya
The Guardian
500m/- to keep Dar clean • One year expenditure

DAR ES SALAAM City Council (DCC) is this year planning to spend 500m/- in a city sanitation project to be conducted by Local Government Authorities across the metropolitan city.

500m to keep Dar clean

“Its implementation will be overseen by the Director of the city and coordinated by region administrative secretary,” detailed the DCC’s spokesperson Gaston Makwembe over the weekend.

According to him, the project will entail demarcation and maintaining of what he termed ‘Smart Areas’ across all three municipals of the city Ilala, Kinondoni and Temeke.

Makwembe said the ‘Smart Areas’ include the following, first starting from the Uhuru and Kawawa road junction in Boma Ward Ilala District all the way to the Morocco area in Kinondoni District.

Another ‘Smart Area’ is along Ali Hassan Mwinyi road starting from the Salenda Bridge down along Ocean road to the Ferry area, passed the Dar es Salaam Port and onwards to the Kilwa – Mandela junction ( Uhasibu area) and then to the Nyerere road and Mandela junction (Tazara area) .

“The Smart Areas also cover all tourist sites and all the beach areas of the ocean coast,” he said. Other Smart Areas also include all main entrances into the city particularly along the Nyerere Road towards the Julius Nyerere International Airport, the Mwai Kibaki Road all the way to the Whitesands Hotel in Mbezi Beach.

“The Smart Areas also cover all areas along the Morogoro Road and the entirety of the Dar es salaam Rapid Transit (DART) network,” he said.

“This project will also feature demolition of structures along the said routes including informal business shacks, dilapidated buildings,” he added.

Further, he said there will be strict control of waste disposal and waste management practices; “motorcycles and tricycles are also not allowed to operate in the Smart Areas,” he said. Makwembe said other that not allowed in smart area are beggars, people of small business, the businesses registered trademarks will not be allowed to organize a business outside their shops, light a fire in informal areas.

Other banned practices and businesses in the Smart Areas include vehicle show rooms, garages, road side parking, hawkers, displaying of merchandise at the front of shops and or broken billboards.

All buildings along Smart Areas will be required to have pavements and all displayed business advertisements must be registered. It will also be strictly prohibited to dig open sewage systems and public washing of vehicles.

Noise pollution form hooting and loud music is also prohibited as well as any vehicles weighing more than 10 tonnes. The development comes as part of efforts to sustain President John Magufuli’s Independence Day directive on nationwide cleanliness.

End Activists push for climate change inclusion in national budget, plans By Correspondent Grace Kambaulaya THE Tanzania Civil Society Forum on Climate Change (forum CC) has asked the government to ensure issues of climate change are embedded in its plans, strategies and budgets in all economic sectors in Tanzania.

According to the Forum CC’s Executive Director, Rebecca Muna, the move would help the country halve its current poverty rates.

“We commend efforts the organisers of the National development Plan 2016/17, that seeks to speed up industrial development and to address poverty,” she said.

The official said despite the fact that the issue of climate change has been highlighted in the national plan but ‘more needs to be done to address the challenge.’

Muna emphasized the need for climate change issues to be prioritized in the national plan and embedded in other key development strategies and sectors including agriculture, livestock keeping, fisheries, water, infrastructures and energy sectors.

“All these sectors are in danger of being affected by the negative impacts of climate change which will. derail development endeavours and undermine the national plan,” she warned. (See detailed recommendations tomorrow.