ACT leaders detained or missing, amid chaos

31Oct 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
ACT leaders detained or missing, amid chaos

ACT-Wazalendo, the main opposition party in Zanzibar yesterday said its top cadres have been arrested and other members missing.

The party’s director of communications Salum Bimani told reporters here that those who are being held by the police include Ismail Jussa, hitherto the party’s candidate for Malindi constituency.

Others as the vice chairman Juma Duni Haji, secretary to the party national chairman Issa Kheri, the party’s candidate for Shaurimoyo constituency, Maua Muhammed and Prof Omar Fakihi, also a parliamentary contestant.

Bimani stated that even party national chairman Seif Sharif Hamad who was released on Thursday is not yet a free man as his release was conditional—he is required to report to the police regularly......For more information visit