Act professionally during polls, Lissu dares police

14Oct 2020
The Guardian
Act professionally during polls, Lissu dares police

​​​​​​​MAIN opposition Chadema presidential candidate Tundu Lissu has dared police to act professionally during to produce credible results.

Tundu Lissu.

Addressing campaign rallies at Kahama Urban, Msalala and Ushetu constituencies in Shinyanga Region, Lissu said law enforcers have a key role in a democratic process by avoiding partisanship.

The candidate said if elected in October 28 polls and become commander-in-Chief of armed forces, he will promote on merit all police officers in the country.

He said he would promote the deserving police personnel and called on them to stand  for justice and fairness in the coming elections saying whoever wins  should be fairly announced.

Lissu also said there should not be any poll rigging in the presidential, parliamentary and councilship elections.

Meanwhile, he said he was part of the struggle in Kahama since 1999 for 21 years fighting for justice for the people in Kahama, especially in areas of small miners.

Lissu also apologised to residents of the constituencies for being late at the rally due a tight rally schedule of the day after having been in Singida, Tabora and Shinyanga regions. He called on all the people that they should vote for Chadema.

After the meeting the police were forced to use teargas to disperse Chadema followers who were escorting Lissu to his hotel.