ActionAid: Progress benefits women less

22Mar 2019
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
ActionAid: Progress benefits women less

WOMEN and other marginalized groups in the country, including rural dwellers, still shoulder the heaviest burden of poverty due to harmful practices that lock them out of economic benefits, a review of ActionAid’s latest poverty alleviation programme shows.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday at a Participatory Review and Reflection Process (PRPR), ActionAid Country Director Yaekob Metena said that during   implementation of various programmes on poverty eradication, some challenges emerged.

They ranged from cultural resistance and gender based violence, both of which hinder women from optimally accessing economic activities, he said.

“We have analyzed our targets and we will use this input in our future programmes to ensure that we build capacity to ensure that we overcome challenges that we meet at grassroots level. It is reaching out to women, the ones who are mostly left behind,” he said.

The agency has a tendency of formulating strategic plans every three years and in the past programme they have managed to make women conversant with their rights and issues that matter to them, he stated.

In her remarks, Mary Nsemwa, the ActionAid country mission board chair said the agency deals with poverty eradication through empowering various community groups which are ready to bring positive change on various matters.

The key areas that the agency works on include gender mainstreaming, by ensuring that women get to know their rights in a particular area through understanding their systemic fundamental rights.

“We have to agree that agriculture is still the main pillar of our economy despite the focus being on industries. Most Tanzanians are engaged in agriculture to feed their families,” she pointed out.

The gender groups formed need to follow up and question what is allocated in key sectors by monitoring priorities in budget formulation, she emphasized.

On the World Happiness Report released recently, Nsemwa said there are many issues that make a nation and its people happy, because most people think are continually pressed with what to eat and what to feed their families.

“Women are victims of Gender Based Violence and given the fact that women are the bigger part of the population this makes Tanzania least happy because the majority of the population is not happy,” she told the participants.

Samuel Misheck, the Coordinator for Mafia district, said ActionAid in the district is working on poverty alleviation in communities by engaging women in groups.

The programme aims at ensuring that they know the sources of poverty and in this case women accessing basic human necessities.

“We have managed to sensitize the community on the causes of poverty and let them understand their basic rights because the main cause of poverty is denying some groups from accessing basic necessities,” he added.



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