Address challenges faced in treatment and management of wastewater

22May 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Address challenges faced in treatment and management of wastewater

​​​​​​​NORTH Mara Barrick executives and its Board have been advised to select a friendly technology for the economic environment particularly in the treatment of waste waters produced from the gold mine.

The suggestion was given by the Minister of State in the Vice president’s Office (Environment, Mussa Azzan Zungu at the week when inspecting wastewater dump of Barrick’s North Mara Gold Mine.

In his one-day visit, Zungu was accompanied by the Minister for Energy, Dotto Biteko, Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development Angela Mabula and the chairman of the National environmental Management Council (NEMC) Prof Esinati Chaggu.

Speaking to Nyamongo residents, Zungu assured them of abiding by the laws and  environment procedures saying: “Safety of waste waters exists and   often we conduct inspections to ensure the waste waters do not affect the health of residents surrounding the mine.”

NEMC managing director Dr Samuel Gwamaka said they are working on the complaints from the residents surrounding the mine and frequently inspect whether environmental procedures are followed.

“Barrick’s North Mara Gold Mine is among the mines that we follow up closely to ensure its operations do not destroy the environment and  health risk to the people around it,” he added.

However the government, in collaboration with various authorities continue  to ensure  friendly environment at mines, miners and people surrounding them.

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