Adhere to professionalism, Mbeya court officials urged

17Oct 2020
The Guardian
Adhere to professionalism, Mbeya court officials urged

​​​​​​​JUDICIARY officials in Mbeya Region have been directed to adhere to professionalism and application of the laws when serving people, including provision of justice to enable them hold the important Pillar of State in high esteem.

The call was given early this week by senior judge of the High Court of Tanzania, Mbeya Zone Dr John UItamwa at the inauguration of Uyole Primary Court in Mbeya City, built at a cost of 448m/-.

The court building was previously gutted by fire in 2018 destroying all property therein including court documents and furniture and whose cause is still unknown.

Dr Utamwa said some rulings made by some court officers often create bad relationship between the Judiciary and citizens even to the extent of causing breach of the peace.

“This court’s former building was gutted by fire in 2018, whose cause gives me suspicions, probably it was caused by bad relationship or bad management of cases, I call upon you to abide by professionalism in your work, said Judge Utamwa.

He also called on the people served by the court to participate in safeguarding the court’s infrastructures and other public institutions.

High Court of Tanzania Administrative Officer for Mbeya Zone Rajabu Singana said the court serves 14 wards of Mbeya City and it was gutted down many cases got stuck.

He said 656 files of cases that were still in progress were lost, adding that investigations conducted by the police said it was burnt down by people who had cases against them.

Mbeya Resident Magistrate Denis Luwungo said the construction of the court will enable more than 652 new cases to continue being heard and that out the number 27 were for marriages and inheritance.