AfDB grants 15bn/- loan for projects in Kigoma Region

01Oct 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
AfDB grants 15bn/- loan for projects in Kigoma Region

​​​​​​​THE African Development Bank (AfDB) has granted more than 15bn/- loan for the construction and refurbishment of various infrastructure projects including community service delivery in Buhigwe, Kasulu Town, Kasulu Rural and Kibondo districts in Kigoma Region.

This was disclosed mid this week by the Kigoma Region TANROADS Manager Narcis Choma when briefing the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Brig Gen Wilbert Ibuge on the implementation of East Africa Road Network Project (EARNP) in Kigoma Region.

He told the PS that AfDB has provided USD 256.2 low interest loan for the construction of 260km Kabingo-Kasulu-Manyovu road.

Choma explained that whenever AfDB grants a loan to its members, it incorporates the loan with a financial assistance for the construction of infrastructure for community service delivery.

In the circumstances he said the said districts will receive the stated sum of money as assistance for projects including the building of bus stands and markets, primary and secondary schools, refurbishment of water supply systems and construction of health centres.

Meanwhile, PS Ibuge visited Tanzania border area with Burundi at Kabanga and inspected the one-stop border post that began operation since 2016, saying he was satisfied with its activities.

In regard to challenges facing many such border posts, he said many emanate the way the border posts were constructed that did not satisfy stakeholders needs.

To avoid such repetition, he directed the secretariat of the East African Community to prepare a model of the border posts that would abide by the needs of stakeholders. 

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