AFF, SUA develop short courses  training guide on climate change 

08Dec 2021
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AFF, SUA develop short courses  training guide on climate change 

THE African Forest Forum (AFF) in collaboration with the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) has prepared a special guideline in teaching short courses on climate change on forests.

AFF Secretary General Godwin Kowero.

Speaking on Monday at the meeting that brought together forest experts and other stakeholders from Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, AFF Secretary General Godwin Kowero said the guideline will involve eight important areas. 

He named the areas as including elementary scientific knowledge on climate change to experts, Africa’s forests, markets and the carbon trade to the people and experts, instances of weather conditions and development, international debate and the process world countries positions on climate change and other strategies in confronting the challenge. 

“This teaching guideline has also been translated into French, and is more concentrated in three main areas for confronting climate change and two in the reduction of its impact on forests.”

“We are in the last stage of finalization of the guideline in the reducing the impact of climate change on forests,” he said.

According to Prof Kowero, the expectation is that the guideline will bring about changes on teaching the subject in many African universities and colleges and technical institutions in regard to climate change on forests.

Tabling the guideline to the forum’s participants, Senior AFF Programmes Officer Prof Marie Louise Avana said every subject will have special results on how to preserve forests and reduce the impact of climate change on forests that are essential for the livelihoods of human beings, other living things and human development in general.

For example, she said, in the training on trade and carbon markets, students will have an understanding and be able to deal on various strategies and their relationship with forest products.

Prof Avana said the guideline will be distributed to all English and French-speaking countries in Africa and that the main aim of the training is to empower participants who deal with communities to enable the said communities to understand opportunities in the forests, policies and other related activities.