Agency spends more than 60m/- for rehabilitation of MV Chato

08Nov 2018
The Guardian
Agency spends more than 60m/- for rehabilitation of MV Chato

THE Tanzania Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics Services Agency (TEMESA) has used more than 60m/- to rehabilitate MV Chato which has started ferrying 200 people and six small vehicles from various areas in the district.

The ferry is carrying people from Iumbaitale, Izumacheli, Senga, Bukondo and Bwina in Geita Region.


Temesa acting managing director Japhet Maselle said the government is renovating MV Sengerema at Songoro workshop in Mwanza which was offering services at Busisi and Kigongi in the region.

Maselle explained that the rehabilitation of MV Sengerema which ferries about 600 people is expected to cost about 500m/- and will be completed in three months’ period.

“To bring efficiency in managing ferries in the country, Temesa has formed a taskforce consisting of four people who will be moving countrywide to inspect all the 30 ferries countrywide,” he said.

The move according to him is aimed at carrying a massive inspection on the transport tools to avoid a repeat of accidents as it was the case of MV Nyerere which killed more than 200 people at Ukara in Ukerewe District.

According to him, the team is led by Michael Myaka including technicians to inspect all ferries in the country and the report will be sent to Temesa for further action.

The taskforce dubbed: ‘Ferry operation maintenance and safety’ started work in Dar es Salaam where they also found the Captain of MV Magogoni was operating against laid down rules and has therefore been suspended indefinitely.

With a surface area of 70,000 sq km (27,000 sq miles), the oval-shaped Lake Victoria is shared by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Capsizes are not uncommon and the number of deaths is often high because of the shortage of lifejackets and the fact that many people in the region cannot swim.

The deadliest such incident in recent decades was in May 1996, when about 800 people died after their ferry sank on the way to Mwanza. Lake Victoria waters can be rough and boats are often poorly maintained, while ferry operators fail to record the number of passengers on board.



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