Agriculture ministry to dig boreholes to alleviate water shortage

12Nov 2019
The Guardian
Agriculture ministry to dig boreholes to alleviate water shortage

MINISTER for Agriculture Japhet Hasunga has directed the Irrigation Commission from the ministry to go to Eyasi Division in Mang’ora Barazani Ward, Karatu district within a week to conduct research on borehole construction following an acute water shortage due to population increase.

Ministet for Agriculture Japhet Hasunga

Speaking to the ward’s residents Hasunga said the ward is at the forefront in having a good irrigation scheme even though it is faced with water shortage challenge which has made some farmers failing to continue with their activities.

He said the commission will dig two wells while the District Council and Prison service will do the same so that Mang’ora Ward residents get enough water, private individuals should be approached to do the same.

He also castigated regions that allow cereals traders to use oversize bags (rumbesa) and said steps should be taken against such traders including confiscation of their commodities since they were destroying the crops market for other people.

He said due to some middlemen conning farmers, the government has decided to register all farmers so as to identify them through their crops and by special identity cards.

He said the exercise has already been done in regard to strategic crops such as cashew nuts, coffee, tobacco and others.

The Arusha regional commissioner Mrisho Gambo said some of the middlemen do not like to use better government systems in the crop market, they want to go direct to farmers to con farmers.

On oversize gunny bags Gambo said it has two challenges – the lack of a joint supervision procedure as some regions allow traders to go directly to the farms instead of going to the crops markets.

The Karatu District Commissioner Theresia Mahongo said the District Council has allocated 40m/- for construction of two wells to assist in the alleviation of water shortage especially in regard to onions farmers.

One onions farmer Ally Yusuph, said they are facing an acute water shortage and asked the government to dredge Mang’ora springs that is full of sand that blocks free water flow.