Agro-livestock ministries set for joint strategies, researches

08Aug 2020
The Guardian
Agro-livestock ministries set for joint strategies, researches

LIVESTOCK and Fisheries ministry plus the Ministry of Agriculture have agreed to develop a platform to enable them work together to speed up development.

Livestock and Fisheries Minister Luhaga Mpina

The development was unveiled yesterday in Simiyu Region by Livestock and Fisheries minister Luhaga Mpina and Deputy Minister for Agriculture Hussein Bashe in a joint visit at the Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) pavilion at the Agricultural Exhibition (NaneNane) taking place nationally in the region.

The two concurred in their remarks that it was high time for the two ministries with related duties to work collaboratively by sharing work plans, best practices as well as strategies and researches.

“The country’s livestock and agriculture sectors still face diverse challenges and to contain the situation, the best way is for parent ministries to start working more closely,” the deputy minister declared.

As part of efforts to spur performance of the agriculture and livestock sectors, there is need for joint researches for uplifting the two sectors, he stated.

“Working and strategizing agendas closely will enable agriculture research institutes and experts to share a roundtable with their livestock counterparts to produce desired results like production of animal breeds and feeds as well as how to mitigate diseases that affect both sectors,” he specified.

Bashe urged TALIRI to ensure implementation of modern crossbreeding programmes being carried out do not affect the welfare and development of local breeds.

“It’s better for you to ensure introduction and application of scientific cross breeding of animals of different genetics in Tanzania is not in any way thwarting smooth development and presence of key local breeds,” he emphasized.

For his part, Mpina expressed optimism that the envisaged joint working system will help facilitate and solve setbacks retarding development of the two sectors.

He stated that most research conducted was not fully benefiting the targeted groups, hence the need for a fresh and reliable research model to ensure that findings of such studies play intended roles in improving the sectors.

He spoke also of the need for major improvement in animal feeds, vaccination services, by putting up livestock clinics in every district countrywide.

Dr EligyShirima, the TALIRI director general said the facility was strategizing and implementing a series of researches and programmes to improve the general performance of the sectors.

Dr Marry Kishe, acting research director at the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI) said the institute had so far played a helpful role in fostering professional improvement of fishery resources in the country’s main water bodies.

Available quantity of Nile Perch annually in Lake Victoria has improved from 553,000 tons in 2018 to 916, 000 tons in 2019, she said, noting also that TAFIRI is working round the clock to battle the effects of illegal fishing.

Today is the apex of NaneNane agricultural show which recognizes the important contribution of farmers to the national economy. The one-week fair takes place every year in major crop growing regional centres like Simiyu, officials noted.

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