Airline set to improve efficiency, on-time performance

13Apr 2018
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Airline set to improve efficiency, on-time performance

A privately owned airline, fastjet Tanzania, has said that it will ensure it continues to enhance efficiency, especially at maintaining its exemplary on-time performance.

The airline ended the first quarter of 2018 with an on time performance record of 90 per cent cross its network in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia.

Schedule adherence or on-time performance refers to the level of success of the service remaining on the published schedule.

On time performance, sometimes referred to as on time running, is normally expressed as a percentage, with a higher percentage meaning more aircrafts are on time.

The level of on time performance for many transport systems is a very important measure of the effectiveness of the system.

Speaking about the success, the airline’s Chief Executive Officer, Nico Bezuidenhout said the company now leads its low-cost airline peers that publish on-time performance statistics in many of the markets where it operates.

In South Africa alone fastjet’s punctuality is well ahead of 2 out of the country’s 3 low-cost airlines, he said.

“Punctuality and overall reliability are cornerstones of our service ideals,” he said, adding that the first quarter of 2018 had seen the carrier overachieve against its on-time performance targets.

“This forms part of our overall customer experience enhancement project where, over time, we aim to achieve leading service levels among our peers.

We will achieve this using innovation and technology, making air travel in Africa more accessible but keeping it affordable,” he added.

He added a recent survey amongst the airline’s passengers already indicate a substantial upward curve in levels of customer satisfaction with 83 per cent of respondents validating the airline’s consistent affordability.

According to experts, airlines are closely monitored on their on-time performance.

“An airline uses a rule that aircraft that depart within 15 minutes of scheduled departure are on time. The 15 minutes rules for on time performance is commonly applied throughout the airline industry. Airlines typically perform well when their on-time performance reaches 90 per cent,” experts have noted.



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