All is well for 56th Independence Day celebrations

06Dec 2017
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
All is well for 56th Independence Day celebrations

PREPARATIONS for the 56th Independence Day celebrations to be held in Dodoma for the first time since the government relocated to political capital city are on the final stages, regional authority has confirmed.

Dodoma Regional Commissioner (RC), Bennilith Mahenge

Dodoma Regional Commissioner (RC), Bennilith Mahenge said here yesterday that the regional and national organising committees are satisfied with the ongoing preparations for the national event.

The celebrations scheduled to be held at the Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma will be coloured by various activities, including military parade, choirs and traditional dances.

Special parade to be mounted by members of the defence forces, traditional dances from Mbeya, Ruvuma, Zanzibar and other regions as well as dances from Bongo Flavour artists, among others, will colour the event.

“Arrangements for the first Uhuru celebrations in Dodoma since the government moved here are at final stage and we expect that everything will go smoothly,” said the RC.

He noted that the decision of the government to mark the national event in Dodoma is a great respect to regional residents, urging them to come in large number for the festivity.

Last year while marking the Independence Day in Dar es Salaam, President John Magufuli announced that the annual event will be held in Dodoma henceforth.

Regional police in collaboration with other state defence and security organs have beefed up security to ensure peaceful and harmonious celebrations of the great day.

 Regional Police Commander (RPC) Gilles Muroto said on Monday that there would be patrols by all police units, around the Stadium and all over Dodoma.

He noted that police will conduct search in guest houses and lodges in effort to help boost security and control crime.

Addressing a press conference said, “The event will bring many people to the region thus the need to be very careful with security matters” he said, warning people with ill intentions that Dodoma is not the right place for them.

The RPC noted that the police has increased security to ensure peace prevails during the celebrations, adding that 67 groups of youth with special training have been incorporated as well as city guards.

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