Amana hospital accused of malpractice, manslaughter

04May 2016
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Amana hospital accused of malpractice, manslaughter

ILALA Municipal Mayor Charles Kuyeko has directed the Municipality’s chief medical officer to take stern ethical measures against all Amana Hospital servants who are connected to the death a motorcyclists who was shot by robbers recently in the city.

The call for action comes after the mayor conducted an investigation that revealed the servants failed to fulfill their obligations with due diligence resulting in the

loss of life of cyclist.

Last Friday night (April 29) Nassoro Hamisi (23) was shot in his legs by robbers who were attempting to take his motorbike. According to his close friend Filbert

Gikanka, the incident occurred around 22hrs on Friday at the Gongo la Ndege area in Ukonga, Ilala District. According to him, the deceased was on his way back home

when the robbers attacked.

“Soon after we got information of the accident we rushed him to Amana hospital with the PF3 from Stakishari Police Post,” he said.

Gikanka said the victim was bleeding profusely but the hospital servants allegedly did not attend to him.

“We used almost half an hour to beg the doctors to help our friend but no one seemed to care telling us that there was no equipment and ordered us to first pay for the

equipment to be bought,” Gikanka alleged.

“We came back an hour later with the little money we could but it was too late, our friend was no longer with us…we are sure that if immediate care was given, it would

have saved Hamisi’s life, ” lamented the mourning friend.

The Hospital’s Head Doctor, Dr Stanley Binagi confirmed that the deceased died as a result of the blood loss.

As to why they did not attend to him in time, he claimed that the hospital was out of the victim’s blood group at the time.

“Hamisi’s blood group is A which was not available at the hospital’s blood bank,” he alleged.

However, mayor Kuyeko maintains that when he went to the hospital’s blood department, he was told that there was no scarcity of blood and all blood groups were in

stock even on the day when Hamisi was brought to the hospital.

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