AQRB in new drive to equip surveyors with new high-tech

13Jun 2018
Beatrice Philemon
The Guardian
AQRB in new drive to equip surveyors with new high-tech

THE Architects and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board (AQRB) has embarked on a programme aimed at equipping its members with new technologies existing in major construction projects.

Acting Registrar for AQRB, Albert Munuo made the remarks last week when speaking soon after visiting the new PPF head office construction site along Sam Nujoma Road in Dar es Salaam to learn new technologies available in massive construction projects in Tanzania.

Accompanied by members of the advisory and public relations committee of AQRB, Munuo also said the programme will start on July this year; to start with the board will begin with 600 architects and quantity surveyors to help them cope with on-going new technologies in the construction industry and provide high quality services to clients.

The board has decided to embark on this programme after discovered that most of them do not have adequate experience of undertaking massive projects, he said.

During the implementation, architects and quantity surveyors will visit in areas where there is large construction projects to learn new technologies from large construction companies in- terms of modern technologies they have, how they supervise their  construction projects,  share experience  that in turn will help them to  get large construction projects and provide best services.

The main goal was just to improve their skills in construction projects, help them participate in massive construction projects process and enable them undertake high value projects within the country and even in other countries.

“During our visit I was very impressed to see how they supervise their work, the contractor’s professional team and sub-contractors are well coordinated,” he noted.

Architects and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board was established by the Architects and Quantity Surveyors (Registration) Act No 16 of 1997, which was repealed and replaced by Act No 4 of 2010.

Among its activities is to register and regulate conducts of architects, quantity surveyors, interior designers, landscape architects, conservation architects, naval architects, furniture architects, building surveyors and construction managers.

So far a total of 1,317 professionals have been registered and 354 companies have been registered by the board.

“This is equal to 701 percent of professionals and 668 percent of the company as compared to companies and experts that was registered in 1998 by the board,” he pointed out, adding that this rate is still quite small compared to Tanzanians that need their services.

Meanwhile Project Implementation Officer of the PPF Pensions Fund, Marco Kapinga told the board members that the on-going construction work of the new PPF head office has been executed in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the contract and all procedures have been followed in -terms of Procurement and administration of contract.

“We are operating our activities in accordance with our construction works we have and in our construction work we have electrical engineer, senior engineer, civil engineer, structural engineer, quality control and inspection as well as environmental engineers,”   he noted.

He said the progress of the project is monitored through the achievement of full completed and partially completed milestones.

In a bid to help clients get required services, they have monthly and weekly construction progress report.

Apart from that every day they normally conduct inspection in small areas where construction work is underway.

While payments to the contractor are usually done monthly after the milestones have been done to completion.

“We do payments to contractors for the work which is inspected, approved and certified,” he told members.

Also contract administration and site supervision team have been committed to their duties and obligations and cooperate with other stakeholders.

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