ARIMO to start planning, surveying of land in Mbalizi

03Jan 2022
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
ARIMO to start planning, surveying of land in Mbalizi

ARDHI Institute-Morogoro (ARIMO) expects to start formalizing unplanned settlements in Mbalizi town, Mbeya region.

The task is part of the planning, surveying and formalisation implementation programme of land in which the government provided the Ministry of lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development over 50bn/- for loan to 55 local councils countrywide.

Speaking here at the weekend, ARIMO Principal, Huruma Lugalla said 1.2bn/- will be used for the Mbalizi land project and the Institute’s target is to finish the work mid-April this year.

“By that time we hope to finish planning and surveying all 35,000 land plots, with half of them to be in the process of formalisation ready for issuance of title deeds,” Lugalla said.

He said if the work is completed in time, they will have helped the government and Mbalizi residents to have areas that have been planned and surveyed ready for title deeds issuance.

He added that ARIMO’s strategies is to finish all its land formalisation projects in time as well as assistant owners thereof get title deeds to assist them in their development activities, with the government getting its revenue though land rent.

“Apart from the Mbalizi project, we have also done similar work in Muriet ward in Arusha City where we surveyed 20,222 land plots, as well as in Kivule ward in Dar es Salaam where we planned and surveyed 30,140 plots with the exercise continuing,” he said.

For his part, the Mbalizi Project’s Coordinator, Manyama Majogolo said already a team of experts has arrived in Mbalizi for initial preparations before the main work begins, and added that after that they will start actual work January 10.

Majogolo further said they have started mobilising residents to participate in the project, including the participation of local government officials including those from the wards in providing education on the entire project.