Armed robbers sentenced to 60 years in prison

31Mar 2020
The Guardian
Armed robbers sentenced to 60 years in prison

TWO Serengeti district residents in Mara region have been sentenced to 60 years in jail and 20 strokes after they were found guilty of armed robbery with violence.

They were also ordered to pay 2m/- compensation to the robbery victims after their sentences.

In the criminal case No 236 of 2019 it was alleged by the prosecution side that the two – Juma Kanzu and Peter Sahani, both Serengeti residents robbed their victim of a motor cycle at Musasa village in Chato district, Geita region.

The sentence was given by Chato District Magistrate Erick Kagimbo, after hearing evidence tendered by both sides.

Earlier the Government Prosecutor Anosisye Erasto, assisted by Police prosecutor Semen Nzigo alleged in court that the accused committed the crime on November 22 last year at Musasa village in Chato District after they hired the motorcycle owner Maneno Shabani.

It was further alleged that without knowing of their vile intentions they attacked Shabani with a sharp instrument that made him unconscious on the roadside after which they ran away with the motorcycle Reg No. MC499BQW.

The two later took the motorcycle to Serengeti District where they were arrested and sent back to where they had committed the crime.

The prosecutors said the crime fell under S 287 (A) of the penal Code Cap 16 of The Laws an d asked the court to hand down stiff sentence following rampart incidents of robberies with violence involving motorcycles.

In mitigation the two said they prayed for lenient sentence as they had families to feed.

However the Court sentences the two to 30 years in jail and 10 strokes each and each was ordered to pay 1m/- compensation to the victim after they finish their sentences.