Arrest all those involved in Sukuma, Maasai herders clash in Tindiga

28Jul 2021
The Guardian
Arrest all those involved in Sukuma, Maasai herders clash in Tindiga

MOROGORO Regional Commissioner, Martine Shighela has instructed the police force to search for people who instigated violence between the Sukuma and Maasai pastoralists in Tindiga village, Kilosa district that led to the death of one person leaving four others injured.

The source of the violence is said to be a quarrel between the two pastoralists’ groups, whereby the Sukuma accused Maasai of stealing their livestock.

RC Shighela, who was accompanied by members of the security committee, arrived at the village and urged the public to remain calm while further investigations into the incident continue to ensure all suspects are arrested and handed over to the authorities.

"All the suspects in this incident are known, if they do not cooperate they will be arrested," said Shighela.

Morogoro Regional Police Commander Fortunatus Muslim said the incident took place on July 24 this year, at around 12 pm in the village of Tindiga after tensions between Maasai herders who wanted to seize livestock from the pastures of a Sukuma herdsman.

RPC Muslim said the violence resulted in the death of one person, John Nyerere, while four people were injured in the incident.

He said 19 people are wanted on suspicion of involvement in violence and killings and if arrested they will be brought to justice immediately.

One of the residents of Tindiga Said Kindamba said the village has been invaded by many pastoralists and cases have been reported but no action is being taken.

Another resident of Tindiga village, Mohamed Msilimu said there had been long-running violence in the area but the matter had been covered up by some of the leaders which had led to heavy fighting and deaths and injuries.

He said violence between farmers and pastoralists have been widespread especially during the farming season because pastoralists have been feeding their cattle agricultural produces and causing losses to farmers.

In another development, RC Shigela ordered the arrest of Nassoro Nzige, who is allegedly to conspire with pastoralists to feed livestock on farmers' produce.

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