Arrest truancy, Tanga mayor urges school heads

10May 2016
The Guardian
Arrest truancy, Tanga mayor urges school heads

TANGA City mayor Mustapha Mohamed yesterday directed primary school head teachers to control truancy in their respective institutions, to enable all enrolled pupils complete their studies.

Section of Tanga Municipal

He said during his leadership as the mayor, he would make sure that the education sector gained momentum by creating a good learning environment in order to increase the passing rate.

Therefore, he said, in order for such a mission to succeed, the problem of truancy needed to be addressed.

He made the call yesterday when responding to journalists who wanted to know his priorities as the mayor of Tanga City.

Mohamed said education was not an issue to be taken lightly, calling on every stakeholder to ensure the sector produced favourable results for students.

He further noted that since teachers stayed at school with students for many hours every day, the head teachers should lay down strategies to control truancy as it had been reported to take place in many such institutions especially in villages along the ocean.

"Education is very important to human beings and that’s why even the holy Quran insists on us to go as far as China to find it...let us help our youth to get education...if we want to have a future nation that is strong and developed, we must prepare our youth through education so that their brains can be moulded and their mentality changed," he said.

He also said poverty should be addressed by sensitizing the youth to work hard because there was no other way that it could be removed.

He said one of the retrogressive problems that faced Tanga residents was poverty. However, he added that such a problem could be wiped out if every capable individual worked hard.

"As leaders,we must address the problem of poverty by mobilizing people, especially youths to work, they must not choose the kind of job to do...they have to use opportunities that arise in their respective residences to earn money through entrepreneurship," he said.

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