Artisanal miner killed in Shinyanga mine accident

21Jul 2020
The Guardian
Artisanal miner killed in Shinyanga mine accident

​​​​​​​AN artisanal miner died after being hit by a stone when quarrying at the Mwakitolyo mining site in Shinyanga Region.

Shinyanga Region Mining Officer, Eng Joseph Kumburu named the artisanal miner who died in the accident as Michael Salum (30) a resident of Masungura village in Meatu District, Simiyu Region

Addressing artisanal miners at the Mwakitolyo mining site in Shinyanga, the official said the incident happened at block 5 at around 13pm when Salum and five other miners were conducting mining activities.

Eng Kimburu said that preliminary investigations by doctors showed that the late Salum was seriously injured. He said Salum fell from a 20 meters distance inside the mining.

“The late Salum’s head was cracked, may I advise miners to adhere to the safety guidelines provided by experts and make sure you wear protective gears whenever quarrying. Adhering to the safety guidelines will assure you of a safer working environment”, he said.

The officer has suspended mining activities at the area for three days to allow inspection of all the sites which are operated by 23 licensed artisanal miners.

According to Kumburu the inspection will be conducted by officials from his office in collaboration with the police force, as well as the office of the Shinyanga Municipal Director. He directed the officials to identify all the mining sites which have not met the provided safety and protection procedures.

He called upon artisanal miners to work in accordance with the laws as well as directives provided by experts. He ordered the miners to fill-up the abandoned site to avoid possible accidents.

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