ARU initiates satellite system to locate Dar residential areas

10Dec 2019
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Dar es Salaam
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ARU initiates satellite system to locate Dar residential areas

THE Ardhi University (ARU) has developed a system to locate all residential areas in Dar es Salaam by using satellite pictures.

The system can be used by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to improve revenue collection and other institutions for security purposes.

Speaking at the 13th graduation ceremony, Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Evaristo Liwa said the aim of the system is to inform the public of some of the services from the university.

He said the university is conducting various researches including that of improving the proper use of the Rufiji water basin to address challenges and increase agriculture production in districts of Iringa region.

“We have also conducted research on how to mitigate disasters such as floods as well as proper land management to avoid conflicts,” said Prof Liwa.

He added that another aim of the research is to identify how best to involve stakeholders in climate change mitigation.

He further said the university has conducted research on how to control the growth of unplanned cities in 20 towns in Tanzania which are on the planning exercise such as Mafinga, Geita, Ifakara and Gairo with an aim of planning and developing fast developing towns in the country.

“The university has conducted studies on the trend on growth for African cities by involving societies so that there is a correlation between the real situations on the ground and suggestions by the various past studies.

During the graduation which was attended by the Chancellor Cleopa Msuya, a total of 977 students were awarded degrees and masters in various programmes.

Prof Liwa called upon those who graduated to make well use of the skills and knowledge they acquired to bolster the country’s development mostly in the current industrial agenda.

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