Arumeru DC vows to address chronic land disputes

03Jan 2020
The Guardian
Arumeru DC vows to address chronic land disputes

ARUMERU District Commissioner (DC) Jerry Muro has assured residents in the area that he will tirelessly work to address challenges facing them including chronic land disputes.

Arumeru District Commissioner (DC) Jerry Muro

According to him, his office has set a number of strategies including putting in place special lawyers to listen and assist various people who face legal challenges.

 “Land disputes facing a number of families here have brought a number of impacts including destroying peace between communities, we are committed to ensure that we address them,” Muro said when speaking to the residents in Meru district council.

He said the lawyers will also be there to assist poor people handle cases in court.

 “There is a number of people with various cases in court but they can’t afford to hire a lawyer due to low income, so I have decided to find four lawyers who will be working to support you in the cases, and I will pay the lawyers from my pocket,” he said.

For his part, Arusha Regional Police Commander Jonathan Shana warned police officers on engaging in land disputes.

 “I will not spare any police officer, whenever I find out that he/she involves in promoting land disputes, you are obliged to protect people lives and their properties,” he said.

He wanted the public to provide support by notifying him through his mobile phone whenever they come across any police officer conducting the unethical action.

Meru District Executive Director Emmanuel Mkongo assured the RPC that he will give all the needed support to ensure that the area remain safe and peaceful.