Arusha’s largest factories under scrutiny following worker complaints

30Nov 2020
The Guardian
Arusha’s largest factories under scrutiny following worker complaints

​​​​​​​At least four of Arusha City’s largest factories are to be inspected by government officials in a bid to address workers’ complaints.

With the exception of one, a steel plant, all the factories in question have some association in the production of textile and are all veteran cites having come into existence in the 1960s soon after independence.


The factories employ thousands of Arusha residents and produce for both the local as well as external markets.


The planned inspection will be led by the Arusha Urban MP, Mrisho Gambo who announced the plan during a media briefing over the weekend.


The newly elected MP said the factories in question are A to Z, Sunflug, Lothia and Tanfoam.


While the inspection date has not been set, however, MP Gambo said he will conduct a thorough inspection of  the factories over the span of four days.


He said during the inspection he will be accompanied by officials from the Department of Labor, Wash, NSSF, PSSF, Workers' Compensation Fund and trade union leaders as well.



Expounding on the upcoming inspection, the MP said; “We received numerous complaints from the workers during the general election campaign period and since we promised to work on them as soon am in office, I intend to fulfill this promise.”


The MP said he received serious allegations that point at gross misconduct and infringement of the country’s laws.


He cited issues ranging from lack of contracts and the issuing of fake contracts to poor working conditions and minimal wages.



The MP said he plans to address all these issues since it is a promise that he made to his constituencies during his election campaign.


"Under my leadership, I will put a lot of effort into resolving industrial workers' grievances,” he told the press.


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