Arusha to host horticulture World Summit

20Jan 2021
Woinde Shizza
The Guardian
Arusha to host horticulture World Summit

The meeting will be held partly online and live owing to threat of Covid-19. Main areas to discuss include loss of nutrient rich indigenous African crops.

The director general of the International Center for Research on African Indigenous Vegetables, Dr. Gabriel Rugalema has announced that Arusha will host the World Summit on horticultural products.

He said preparations for the summit atre complete and a total of 250 people will attend in person while another 350 will attend online owing to Covid-19 restrictions.

"The countries that have confirmed they will be coming include the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, American, Thailand, countries in Asia, as well as East African countries including Kenya and Uganda," he said yesterday at a press conference held in the region.

The meeting will among other things discuss how to encourage and increase production of vegetable crops of African origin.

He said the meeting is important because research shows that the leaves of vegetable crops, especially those of African origin, are rich in nutrients. He noted that these indigenous African crops are disappearing due to population growth. He warned that expansion of cities and other development activities are infringing on wild life areas and affecting the growth of these indigenous species.

Dr. Gabriel also cited climate change such as drought, frequent floods and other unpredictable weather conditions are also contributing to the continued decline of these natural crops.

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