Arusha MP pledges facility aid to 565 people with disabilities

30Nov 2020
Cynthia Mwilolezi
The Guardian
Arusha MP pledges facility aid to 565 people with disabilities

Arusha Urban MP, Mrisho Gambo has issued a long list of pledges that are meant to improve the social-economic development of the city’s most vulnerable and the working class alike.

To start off, the MP has set his sights at ensuring some 565 people with disabilities in Arusha City get wheelchairs and medical treatment for a period of five years through the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).


In this regard, the MP said he is aware of an issue with loan groups for people with disabilities, particularly youth and women, who suffer from the tough loan conditions place on them.


“A group is given a loan and in case one of them fails to repay the whole group suffers…I will make this a point in parliament so that there is a mechanism for individual lending and not group lending,” pledged the MP.


Secondly, he has pledged to end water woes at the main market in Arusha, Samunge, Kijenge by drilling water wells at the said markets. Already, the MP has overseen the drilling of one such well at one of the region’s largest markets, the Kilombero market.


Apart from the markets, the MP has also, ambitiously, set his eyes on drilling more wells for schools in the region.






Speaking with press at his office yesterday in Arusha, Gambo also pledged to end the plight of factory workers in the region.


"Under my leadership, I will put a lot of effort into resolving industrial workers' grievances,” he said.


In this regard, the MP announced plans to make a four-day visit to the region’s largest factories, A to Z, Sunflug, Lothia and Tanfoam.


He said during the official tour, he will be accompanied by experts from the Department of Labor, Wash, NSSF, PSSF, Workers' Compensation Fund as well as those from the various trade union leaders.



“We received numerous complaints from the workers during the general election campaign period and since we promised to work on them as soon am in office, I intend to fulfill this promise,” he added.



According to the MP, there are allegation of employers who do not provide contracts to their employees, but when government officials visit them, they are shown what he described as ‘air contracts.’


“All the while workers continue to suffer, we cannot seat back and watch,” he said.


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