Arusha official concerned over influx of people

07Mar 2016
Edward Qorro
The Guardian
Arusha official concerned over influx of people

AUTHORITIES in Arusha have expressed concern over rural-urban migration trend, saying the move has an impact on the city’s environment.

Teresia Olemako

According to Njwaba Charles Mwaijibe, a natural resources and environmental officer with the council, Arusha is now overwhelmed by the influx of men and women moving to the town in pursuit of greener pastures.

The trend poses a threat to the council’s environment, according to Mwaijibe.“It is without doubt that Arusha is now getting overwhelmed by people migrating to the town from other parts of the region, this is cause for concern to us because it will have a direct effect on quest of making Arusha a greener town,” he said.

Mwaijibe attributed the growing trend of rural-urban migration in the town to the allure of better life that people believe they will lead once in the town.

“Circulation of money is higher in the town compared to other parts of the region, thanks to tourism and mining business in Mirerani,” he said.

Speaking about the Earth Hour City Challenge initiative, the environment officer noted that the city was on the right track to achieving the feat, having scooped the first position in the national sanitation competition.

In complementing the feat, Mwaijibe highlighted that the city had already constructed a 1.6 kilomtre storm water drainage system as part of the Tanzania Strategic Cities Programme while the rehabilitation of a sanitary landfill was underway in Terat area.

According to Mwaijibe, 5,000 trees had already been planted in the council.Implemented by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), The Earth Hour City Challenge initiative has been created to celebrate cities that are taking amazing steps towards creating a greener, cleaner and more sustainable city to live in, while inspiring other cities to do the same.

WWF’s Tanzania Extractives and Renewable Energy Coordinator, Teresia Olemako challenged the municipal council to maintain the first spot while adhering to adaption actions of the initiative.

She also urged officials at the council to inculcate general cleanliness habits among its residents.
“Much as you are on the right track; it is prudent that general cleanliness becomes part of you,” she said.

The city of Arusha was recently thrown into panic following reports of an outbreak of Cholera. At least 22 people were admitted at several health centers in the city as a result of the outbreak.